Painful Accounting

Anyone who suffers injuries as the result of another person’s negligence should
take the time to document his or her injuries and treatment history in a journal.
Relying on memory for such information jeopardizes a plaintiff’s ability to
receive full compensation if he or she should win a personal injury lawsuit for the
injuries sustained. Keeping a detailed record of injury and treatment is especially
important in cases where the injured person suffers pain, anxiety, or loss of
sleep, which cannot be detected by visual examination. Taking note of injuries
may help health care professionals to diagnose delayed symptoms. Personal
accounts become part of the medical records that will later provide evidence
in any case that may be brought. Those keeping personal injury journals should
note in detail how the injury has changed their lives, affected their work, and
disrupted their ability to normally conduct their daily lives. Keeping a journal
of your injuries is a step that’s not obvious in the chaos and pain that follows a
bad accident. That’s why you need to get a lawyer involved as early as possible
after you’ve been hurt.