Do Accidents Just Happen?

While we are quick to label a crash between vehicles as an “accident,” the
word is not always appropriate. The word “accident” implies that the event
“just happened” and no one is at fault; however, car crashes and similar
occurrences are very often the result of someone’s negligence, carelessness,
or recklessness. Thus, when a crash or other incident that causes injury
(either bodily or property) occurs, there should be a determination of
who is at fault (and liable). This process begins with a consultation with
a lawyer and the injured party. The police report documenting the police
investigation of the accident should be obtained as soon as possible. In
most cases the investigating officer will make a finding as to which driver
caused the accident and information regarding any citation(s) issued to
the at-fault driver. Under no circumstances should those involved in an
“accident” discuss blame with other people involved in the incident. Simply
collect information and wait to speak with your attorney.